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Value stream mapping is a visual means to depict and improve the flow of processes, as well as the information that controls the flow through the process.

It forms an invaluable tool for us in helping senior teams identify the inherent waste and losses within their operation. Just mapping the current processes helps teams to see the waste, and creates a desire to address the causes of this waste and start to improve flow

We use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to:

  • Graphically illustrate, analyse and understand the flow of materials, patients or data and the information needed to process it. (The Current State Map)
  • To see clearly the amount of time that Value is being added, rather than the goods, patient or data waiting to be moved on in the process.
  • Display the interaction between all functions within the actual process as well as the support functions such as production planning, scheduling, and materials management, etc
  • The flow of information (communications) and materials, patients, data etc throughout the complete end-to-end process.
  • Highlight problems, inefficiencies and losses within complex systems. It also helps identify restrictions, bottlenecks and all other factors that limit effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Develop and implement improvement strategies in a highly visual way that facilitates culture change within the organization. The entire value-stream mapping process is a ‘hands-on’ visual and data rich process, that stakeholders are actively involved in each stage.
  • Help generate a shared vision for the future process flow (The Future State). This gives direction for the improvement teams, front-line supervision and upper management towards continuous improvement.
  • Serve as a dashboard to monitor and continuously improve the process