Value Stream Mapping in the Food Industry

//Value Stream Mapping in the Food Industry
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Project Description


  • Site Operations Team worked with Graham Canning who led a Value Stream Mapping Workshop on a selected Sausage Roll Product Family.
  • Focus of workshop was to assist development of an improvement strategy for the next 12 – 24 months, which enabled the site to increase productivity, reduce cost and to increase product quality.
  • A key output of the workshop was to develop a short-list of kaizen opportunities that could yield ‘quick win’ results, and provide significant benefit in the current financial year.

Value Stream Mapping Outputs

  • Clear strategy to manage and plan production volumes following analysis of Sales Volumes using the Glenday Sieve resulting in configuring the business around a Green / Red stream approach.
  • Opportunities to reduce motion & transportation waste by 60%.
  • Understanding the constraint processes and the required OEE improvement to achieve additional volumes.
  • 3 Gemba Kaizen workshop Themes identified.
  • Over £2.1 million of potential annualised saving opportunities (at BOP level) identified.

Summary of Delivered Results over 3 Gemba Kaizen Workshops and support over 12 months following the VSM Workshops.


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