TPM in the Construction Material Industry

//TPM in the Construction Material Industry
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Project Description

A 12 day TPM improvement activity spread across 3 months and involving a cross functional team from major Concrete Manufacturing facility was delivered, focusing on the Hook Insertion machine in the Hollowcore Production area . The Hook Insertion machine is a highly complex automated machine that inserts placement hooks into a pre-cast concrete bed, to facilitate ease of installation at construction sites.  An initial study of OEE data showed that the Hooks machine was the biggest cause of downtime on the Hollowcore line.

Improvement activities undertaken included:-

  •  Operator TPM foundations training
  •  Asset Care and Restoration of equipment.
  •  Criticality Assessment & Condition Appraisal.
  •  Introduction of Autonomous Maintenance.
  •  Review and development of a Planned Maintenance structure.
  •  Development of a Spare Parts strategy.

Results Achieved

  • 5% improvement in OEE in first month alone (75% to 80%).
  • Improved Asset Care and Spare Parts management.
  • Improved Teamwork between Production & Engineering
  • Improved knowledge of the Asset in Production & Engineering

Project Details

Skills Needed: