Rapid Line Changeover in the Beverages Industry

//Rapid Line Changeover in the Beverages Industry
Rapid Line Changeover in the Beverages Industry 2016-11-03T11:28:25+00:00

Project Description

Quick Results, Big ROI & Skills development of the local team

Improvement Activity 

A 5-day improvement project involving a cross functional team from a leading Beverage company focussed on the use of the SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies) methodology to analyse and then reduce changeover times on a high volume Juice Filling & Cartoning line.

Previous efforts of the internal improvement team had succeeded in reducing changeover time on this line from 49 to 41 minutes, but the team lacked experience in the rigorous application of the SMED methodology, and improvements had stalled.

Desired outcomes built into the delivery of the workshop included:-

  • Experience in the application of the SMED tool
  • Knowledge transfer to enable the local team to roll-out the SMED approach in other business areas
  • Step-change improvement in the changeover time for the selected line of at least 25%
  • Development and communication of new changeover standards, and a training and communication plan to ensure successful delivery of anticipated benefits

Results Achieved

  •  40% reduction in changeover time, from 41 minutes to 23 minutes (demonstrated).
  •  Development of Action Plan for further improvement to changeover process to reduce time taken to under 20 minutes.
  • Development of new Standardised changeover procedure.
  • Developed standard materials and team capability for internal implementation of this approach on other lines
  • Improved motivation & teamwork both for line team and internal improvement team

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