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Project Description

A tailored programme of in-house training was developed to cover the key elements of lean implementation in Healthcare and to support staff’s Continuing Professional Development (CIPD). The training workshops were attended by staff both within the internal Improvement team, and within the Medical, Surgical and Diagnostic divisions.


The training was delivered in 3 stages over 10 days, each stage designed to build upon the last, in order to give the staff the knowledge and understanding of Lean and Kaizen systems thinking. Each of the stages of training was designed to be a mixture of both classroom teaching, and ‘go to Gemba’ activity, so that delegates could see how each of the tools and principles learned is actually applied in practice.

Stage 1 – Kaizen & Lean Foundations

This module covered topics such as:

  • The origins of Lean & Kaizen
  • The 7 Wastes and how to spot them within a healthcare environment
  • 5S thinking within a hospital
  • 5S standardisation and sustainment
  • Deming and the PDCA/SDCA cycle
  • Structured problem solving and the 7 quality improvement tools

Stage 2 – TPM Foundations

Topics covered as part of this module included:

  • Kobetsu Kaizen process
  • Major losses and how to measure them
  • TPM applied to hospitals
  • OEE and how to measure it
  • Autonomous maintenance

Stage 3 – Lean & JIT foundations

Topics covered as part of this module included:

  • Principles of JIT and how they apply to Healthcare
  • Patient demand and one-piece flow
  • Ergonomics in the workplace
  • How does TAKT time apply to hospitals?
  • Principles of pull and Kanban systems

Customer Feedback following the completion of the training:

‘The training provided gave the participants an excellent grounding in Lean and Kaizen principles and was very interactive and fun, which greatly helped to reinforce the learning’
Head of Service Improvement & Excellence.
‘I think everyone should do it, it really opened my eyes’
Course Delegate

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