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Our ApproachWe understand that for most leaders, lean is simply a route you choose to help you improve the performance of your organisation. Developing a lean culture should not be an academic or theoretical exercise. So we promise not to sell you anything that won’t give you benefit.

What we will provide for you, is a tailored programme of support that links your lean activity to the strategic aims of your business, and develops tactical plans to ensure that the efforts you and your team make yield the results the business requires.

Typically, we will perform an organisation or site diagnostic, to understand the current business challenges, and help develop a programme of support that meets these immediate needs whilst building a platform for further lean activity. We often use Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to help senior teams see the waste (muda) in their processes.

We are highly capable of supporting teams at all organisational levels, and have years of experience in training and coaching teams in the introduction of lean tools such as TPM, OEE, SMED, Leader Standard Work, A3 Problem-solving, 5S & Visual Management etc.

The transfer of knowledge and the development of your own team’s capability are key to building a sustainable lean culture in your organisation. We never forget that somebody once took the time to help us on our own lean journey!

We are passionate about getting teams to the ‘gemba’: the place where the action is occurring. So, our improvement activity and training workshops aim to spend as much time as possible at the workplace, observing the actual processes, seeing what is actually happening, and collecting actual data. Cultivating this ‘gemba-mindset’ in your people is a key thread that runs through everything we do.

We aim to provide great value to our customers, and target a return on investment (ROI) of better than 20:1 for our workplace improvement activity. We are confident that we can deliver solutions to your organisations, but the commitment to implement and sustain these improvements must come from you. However, we are happy to offer a percentage of our fee be paid by you only upon delivery of agreed results.

Please contact us using the details in the sidebar to discuss how Lean FSL might be able to help you.