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IMG_1767Lean FSL Associates was established in April 2012 by Graham Canning; with the aim of providing customers with the best operational improvement support through tailored lean programmes, but at a price that cannot be beaten by large consultancy companies.

We often start our lean support activity by coaching and training senior leaders to understand the principles of lean, to find ‘muda’ in their processes, and to develop a programme of lean implementation that focusses on addressing strategically important issues whilst laying the foundations for lean thinking to become part of the businesses daily operations. Developing a Value Stream Map helps to provide an insight into current opportunities and develop a vision for the future.

The route to ‘leaning’ your organisation comes through implementing FSL: Flow –Synchronise – Level. The elimination of ‘muda’ improves the Flow of value in your business, but unless you work to Synchronise throughput across each step of your organisation, value will be held-up and won’t flow. Once processes are balanced and the Value Stream is Synchronised, the next step is to Level the workload, by focussing on the causes of variation that make demand unstable. By levelling throughput in this way, you are truly on the way to achieving a lean enterprise. We use the wealth of experience we have in practical lean application and appropriate lean and kaizen tools to help deliver real improvements at each stage of this process.

Graham Canning, the Managing Director and founder of Lean FSL Associates has worked in lean and kaizen consultancy roles for nearly 10 years, supported by 15 years working in the Manufacturing sector for companies such as Toyota, Black & Decker and Pilkington Glass. He has an impressive record in leading lean transformations in many different industries (including Healthcare and Financial Services). Graham has developed a network of Associates to Lean FSL who are capable and skilled in all aspects of lean and continuous improvement, which means that Lean FSL are able to support their customer’s lean activity at a significantly lower cost than other consultancy firms.

Please contact Graham using the details in the sidebar to discuss how Lean FSL might be able to help you.